2002 update by Caroline Whyte

By the end of 2002 there were over 1000 CSA-type organisations operating in the US. Robyn Van En continued her work with the CSA concept until her sudden death in January 1997.

Community Supported Agriculture of North America has now established the Robyn Van En Center for CSA Resources, which "offers a variety of services to existing and new CSA farmers and shareholders nationally". These services include technical assistance, links to existing CSAs and information about events and conferences. The Center's address is Wilson College, Fulton Center for Sustainable Living, 1015 Phildelphia Ave., Chambersburg, PA 17201, tel +1 717 2644141 ext 3352, fax +1 717 264 1578, e-mail info@csacenter.org.

Indian Line Farm has meanwhile been converted into a Community Land Trust, with assistance from the neighbouring Schumacher Society, and is now being farmed organically again (see section on Community Land Trusts.)

Other organisations:

Local Harvest is a Web-based directory of local farmers, farmer's markets and other sources of sustainably-grown food in the US.

Community Alliance with Local Farmers is a US non-profit organisation which seeks to build a movement of rural and urban people who foster family-scale agriculture. Their website contains links to publications and information about their programmes.

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