2002 Update on TILT (by Caroline Whyte)

TILT still exists as an organisation, but it hasn't traded for quite a while. Because of its unconventional structure it ran into problems with persuading people to invest. Moreover, although it did receive some grant money from the EU, in general it also had problems with receiving grants because it didn't have charitable status. So it was caught in a position of being neither eligible for grants nor attractive to investors.

However, there is an interest in revitalising the institution, perhaps by altering its structure so that it would become easier to administer. David Waldron commented in October 2002 that "people have done a lot of work on different kinds of structure [for community microcredit institutions]." One idea would be to keep the name TILT and join forces with the Wessex Reinvestment Trust, a new kind of community credit institution which was launched in September 2002 and is described elsewhere in this chapter. TILT could possibly become the micro-credit providing branch of the WRT.

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