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Chapter 4 footnotes

1 27 Jul 1994.  Back to main text

2 Letter, 3 February 1994.   Back to main text

3 'Pandora's Marketplace', 13 February 1993.  Back to main text

4 A. Culloty, Nora Herlihy: Irish Credit Union Pioneer (Irish League of Credit Unions: Dublin 1990), p. 77  Back to main text

5 Quoted in the Guardian, 26 June 1993.  Back to main text

6 Telephone conversation.  Back to main text

7 Included in Islam and Ecology, Fazlun Khalid and Joanne O'Brien (eds) (Cassell: London 1992).  Back to main text

8 Published in 1985 by the Islamic Foundation, 223 London Road, Leicester.  Back to main text

9 In a supplement 'Islam and the West', 6 August 1994. The Economist also published a long essay on usury in its Christmas issue in December 1993.  Back to main text

10 International Islamic Publishers, K-20 D, Saket, New Delhi 17.  Back to main text

11 Vadillo can be contacted at the headquarters of the Murabitun movement in Scotland: Achnagairn House, Inverness IV5 7PD; tel +44 1463 831523.  Back to main text

12 Jesús Larranaga (one of his students), quoted by David Morris, The Mondragon System: Co-operation at Work (Institute for Local Self-Reliance: Washington 1992), p.11  Back to main text

13 Morris, The Mondragon System. Material on Mondragon has also been taken from Morris's The Mondragon Co-operative Corporation (Institute for Local Self-Reliance: Washington 1992) and We build the Road as we Travel by Roy Morrison (New Society Publishers: Philadelphia 1991).  Back to main text

14 This is almost exactly the interest-free method of borrowing proposed by Shaikh Mahmud Ahmad in Towards interest-Free Banking. His suggestion is that if someone wishes to borrow, say, £10,000 for a year, they would commit themselves to lending £1000 to the bank for ten years.  Back to main text

15 See Martin Boddy, The Building Societies (Macmillan: London 1986). Other historical material is taken from Donald McKillop and Charles Ferguson, Building Societies: Structure, Performance and Change (Graham & Trotman: London 1993).  Back to main text

Chapter 5: Energy Makes the World go Round

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