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2002 update on Tallow Credit Union (by Caroline Whyte)

Des Geary, the current manager of Tallow Credit Union, commented in a December 2002 letter that the credit union "continues to go from strength to strength". In 2002, member savings stood at EUR 13.5 million and loans to members at EUR 8.1 million. Two branch offices have been opened in neighbouring villages and, Geary writes, "these have proved to be a real convenience for our the rural part of our common bond".

The credit union formed a partnership with the local County Council to buy a derelict site in Tallow and make it into a free car park and recycling centre. Geary comments that "this partnership approach (working hand in hand with the local authorities) is a model that could be adopted virtually anywhere, for the betterment of our communities".

He adds that "of course we still have very strong links with Tallow Enterprise Centre which continues to grow and serve the local area. It now provides crèche facilities and regularly runs computer training classes for young and old".

The credit union has expanded to the point where it now needs new premises, so it has bought a green field site in the centre of Tallow and construction work will begin in January 2003 on a new purpose-built credit union office, at a cost of EUR 1 million. The union now has 8 full-time staff members and 4 part-time. Sheila Ryan has retired after many years of service, but is still a frequent visitor to the office.

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